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Who could’ve imagined?

September 10, 2010

My early interest in Europe was France. It came from my studies in philosophy and the little reading I’ve done on World War II. If I could’ve chosen a first stop in Europe, it would have been Paris.

Instead, my first stop in Europe was Budapest as I was on my way to Tóalmás to teach at Word of Life’s Bible Institute. That visit to Hungary has been followed by six more: three times to teach English at Word of Life’s summer camp, and three times to attend the European Leadership Forum.

Never did I expect Hungary to be my point of entry into that great continent. Nor did I expect the lovely town of Eger, which I visited first as a tourist, to be the place of my entry into a better understanding of the project of apologetics in Europe.

My young Hungarian friends, whom I met at WoL, are now in college. I’m told there’s little if any Christian ministry on campuses there. There are so many campus ministries in the US that it’s hard to grasp the lack in other places. Who will give Hungarian students the opportunity to gain an understanding of life and the world from a Christian perspective? There is a hardness against the church and its gospel there. But there are also points of hope in the forms of faithful churches and individual believers. Many there have no use for God if He even exists. I pray that He will make Himself known through these faithful ones. And I pray that God will send someone–or many someones–to proclaim His truth in the universities.

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