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A quick decision

February 17, 2011

My first day of blogging since last fall when I barely got started and already I’m in one of those interminable debates with atheists about whether there is any evidence for God. This isn’t what I had in mind.

Here’s what I’m going to do. If you want philosophical arguments for God in a from-the-ground-up-no-bringing-in-revelation manner, there is plenty of that elsewhere. I’m not going to make that kind of case here, nor am I going to defend arguments presented by others. Nor am I going to try to satisfy the demands of people who ignore what’s there and refuse to defend their own beliefs. Such people have no interest in the truth (wherever it resides).

So any more of the “you don’t have any evidences” comments from people who haven’t bothered to avail themselves of what there is in abundance will be gratifyingly ignored. I, however, will point out bad arguments and behavior by critics of religion, not because I think it will cause them to change their ways, but, for the possible edification of people who believe like me, to throw a light on the the major problems of America’s self-appointed guardians of what is right and good.

Mostly I’m interested here in talking through the meaning of Christianity for life and the world today. That can include give-and-take by people of other religious or philosophical persuasions. I also will leave the floor open on occasion to any atheists who want engage in the ground-breaking venture of making a case for what they believe. If that’s you, be the first! No one else is doing it. But understand a few things. First, the simple rejection of the God of the Bible does not constitute a good argument for naturalism; people who have told you that have lied to you. Second, putting the foibles of religious people on display does not disprove the gospel of Christ. Or shall we think that the bad behavior of atheists is sufficient to disprove atheism? Third, if you’re willing to own up to your naturalism, understand that you can’t prove naturalism by science; your naturalism informs the way you think about science.

Constructive discussion is welcome; put-downs, baseless charges, and argument for the sake of argument are not.


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