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December 17, 2012

When I write such things as the note below, the point is to argue that what we’re doing today isn’t working. That’s to be expected. God created this world, including us, to work a certain way. When we don’t follow that way, there is trouble.

I also intend to point in the right direction. If what we’re doing isn’t working, what is to be done? What we have to do is realign ourselves with God.

But this is a problem itself. We can’t do it. This is the bad news side of the gospel. We’re lost and we can’t do anything on our own to fix it.

Doug Wilson:

“The reason we need to have fixed and God-given standards is not so that we might climb up some moralistic ladder, rebuilding a mythical past where these sorts of things didn’t happen to us. No, these sorts of things have always happened. We live on a screwed-up planet. We must have a God-given, fixed standard so that we may know why we need forgiveness so much. God’s law is not to pat us on the back and tell us what fine fellows we are. God’s law is given to provide a proper shape for our repentance. In moments like this, we are aghast, but our “repentance” is formless and void. We need the shape of God’s holy Word so that we know how shapeless we have become. We need the Spirit of God to move on our waters.

“And here is where abortion really is relevant, along with all the other awful things we do to children. We do not need to talk about these things as political issues—however appropriate and necessary that may be in its time and place. But before we can even think about that, we need to come to grips with the fact that, at the personal level, it is plain that an aching bloodguilt rests upon our nation. I am not talking about our officials, though they are included. I am talking about the millions of us who have occasioned it, paid for it, obtained it, provided it, and funded it. According to Scripture, blood is something that returns to those who shed it. It also returns to the land where it was shed. And our vast reservoir of guilt is larger and deeper than it has ever been.

“The only blood that does not return with compounded guilt is the blood of Jesus. His blood comes to us for cleansing, and not for condemnation. His blood does not return with guilt, and it is the only way that all the other guilt can be prevented from returning to us. An old gospel song points the only way to our salvation—“nothing but the blood of Jesus.” Nothing.”

As Jesus put it, we must repent–turn toward God–and believe in the gospel, the good news of Jesus, because our salvation can only come through faith in him.

This is the reason for Christmas.

(The Wilson blog:

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