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Time to move on

June 6, 2015

Christians, indeed everyone, need to stop using terms like “preyed upon” and “predator” to refer to Josh Duggar. He was a curious boy who investigated something fascinating to ALL teenage boys (girls’ bodies, that is)  the wrong way. Predators heartlessly kill or destroy for their own needs. They stalk and hunt down in order to destroy. Duggar was wrong, but we’re wrong if we talk about him like he’s an animal or a monster.

But Christians feel like they have to talk about such offenses like non-Christians do. Certain kinds of offenders have to be treated as thoroughly vile and all on the same level or else we’re considered to be sympathizers or heartless. So a teenage boy who satisfies his curiosities the way Duggar did is talked about like a pedophile who stalks children at the local park. And the offender is marked for life, because our wrongdoing is thought about in pathological terms rather than moral ones. It’s a sickness that’s probably there for life rather than a sin that can be forgiven and washed away.

There are women who were abused terribly by men whose interests went way beyond curiosity, and the revelation of Duggar’s sins brought it all back. But he shouldn’t have to bear the weight of other people’s sins.

Christians need to quit tripping over themselves to show that they, too, see that this was a bad thing by using “predator” language. Truth be told, Christians see it as worse than secularists because we see it as sin against a holy God that, like all other sins, deserves divine judgment, not as a sickness that may or may not be cured.  But we also recognize, and ourselves depend upon,  mercy and forgiveness and the casting away of forgiven sin.

God has forgiven Josh and thrown his sins as far as the east is from the west, and so should we.


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