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SSM: Focus on the practical ramifications

September 1, 2015

A Kentucky clerk is in hot water for refusing to grant marriage licenses for same-sex marriage. Her reason is that it goes against the law of God (you can find the story here). I agree with that, but that kind of defense isn’t going to accomplish anything. Besides issues related to the formal separation of church and state, there’s also the fact that this sounds like simply a religious reason, and people who don’t share her religious views won’t care what she believes.

Christians need to stop pointing to God’s law first of all as their reason, not because that is insignificant, but because it won’t be heard. It’s a fine answer if one only wants to explain one’s actions, but it won’t work to effect change. People have to be shown the practical problems resulting from SSM, and there are some (which shouldn’t be a surprise; if God created marriage to work a certain way, any other way can’t be successful). It isn’t wrong simply because of these things, but these things are realities because it is wrong.

I may have mentioned here before the book What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, by Robert George, Sherif Girgis, and Ryan T. Anderson, which discusses these problems at length. A journal article by that title is available online. Even better, for those who want the argument quick and dirty, is the abstract of their amicus brief presented to the Supreme Court that can be found here.

Problems created by SSM have to do with real marital fulfillment, child and spousal well-being, and religious liberty. Christians should make these kinds of matters their main talking points if they want to be heard.


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