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And the beat goes on

April 2, 2018

I’ve heard that a key theme of the new Rosanne show is that families can learn to get along together despite serious differences or a “political divide,” as they put it. Which translated means either that there is nothing truly right or wrong about any of these issues except that believing makes it so (it’s all a matter of perspective, and you have to respect mine) or that knowledge of the truth about such things is impossible to obtain, so let’s all just get along together. Which, on a deeper level, means that our beliefs about such things aren’t really respected as serious attempts to get at the truth; they are subjective preferences.

Except that certain “progressive” beliefs are deemed to be the right ones and they are going to be normalized by hook or by crook.* Which is why they call it a political divide and not a moral divide. It is settled by power in one form or another, not in terms of a moral standard (beyond, perhaps, the moral obligation to live and let live–which applies to “progressive” beliefs, of course, and not the beliefs of, say, bakers whose choice is to refuse to bake a cake for your same-sex wedding).

We all know there are some things (there have to be) that really are either right or wrong and we shouldn’t have to “get along” over them. People doing wrong need to stop. The problem is knowing which ones they are. When there is no shared standard, then some people (apparently) get to be the arbiters of what is acceptable or unacceptable for everyone. The irony is, of course, that the same people who want to fit us into their molds now complained loud and long years ago about conservatives (especially those dastardly Christian fundamentalists) doing the same thing. Americans have been brainwashed or shamed into going along with this “there is no moral truth but you have to respect mine as the right one” nonsense because the political** muscle is on the “progressive” side.

And the beat goes on.

*James Hitchcock gives an interesting account of how this has occurred in the media since the 1970s in his What Is Secular Humanism?

**By “political” I’m not referring to party politics but to the activities involved in the governance of a people, much of which takes place on the social level.

One Comment
  1. Edward permalink

    A couple months later, her show gets canned. Guess we can’t have a political divide without consequences after all.

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