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A non sequitur indeed

A Non Sequitur cartoon ran in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, March 8, 1998, which expressed in a funny way the basic attitude of religious pluralism. Here is a short article I wrote in response.

A Non Sequitur Indeed

Apologetics for this Secular Age

A paper presented at the annual conference of the International Society of Christian Apologetics April 23, 2010


The modern secularist, seeing the world through what Charles Taylor calls “the immanent frame”, has a particular set of assumptions that form a wall which makes belief difficult. Upon these assumptions are constructed arguments that serve to strengthen the wall. Our engagement with secularists is often characterized by little more than the clash of ideas; our arguments seem to just ricochet off the wall. It would be helpful, I believe, if we could find an approach that brings God’s truths to light that the secularist cannot deny, or cannot deny easily. Keeping foremost in our minds the person, rather than the ideas, and the goal of guiding the person to Christ, rather than winning arguments, can lead to a somewhat different way of doing apologetics than we’re used to.

R Wade Apologetics for this Secular Age


 Faithful Witness: Defense in the Context of the New Testament

A paper presented at the annual conference of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, April 6, 2013


Over time apologetics has become quite an elaborate affair. The term is now shorthand for almost any intellectual engagement with non-belief. A Scripture passage cited frequently as a justification for apologetics is 1 Peter 3:15. What would Peter have had in mind when he urged Christians to make a defense? Since apologia is a legal term, it is instructive to look at this Scripture passage in light of the larger witness motif in the New Testament. I conclude that defense in the New Testament, including the defense Peter had in mind, is incomplete by itself; it is in the service of bearing witness for Christ. Thus, there is no question of whether apologetics and evangelism go together; they are a package deal. I will draw primarily from A. A. Trites’ study, The Concept of Witness in the New Testament, and will conclude with a consideration of how this might color apologetics today.

Faithful Witness Rick Wade


Universalism: A Biblical and Theological Critique

A paper I wrote following the release of Rob Bell’s Love Wins.

RWade Universalism

Forays into the issue of women in church leadership, part 2

See the blog post with the above title for an introduction to the post.

Forays into women in leadership pt 2

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